Master's Woe Stiletto

Price 10,002 gp; Slot none; CL 3rd; Weight 1 lb.; Aura faint necromancy


The black-lacquered handle of this slender blade is inlaid with the image of a broken skull. A master's woe stiletto is a +1 living steel dagger that allows its wielder to weaken a would-be necromancer's control over the undead. Three times per day when the wielder successfully strikes a target with the stiletto, the wielder can activate the stiletto as a free action to force the target to attempt a DC 13 Will save. On a failure, the number of undead creatures the target can control through spells like animate dead or feats like Command Undead is reduced by 6 Hit Dice (to a minimum of 1 HD). Any excess undead become uncontrolled, but their former controller may choose which creatures are released.

This effect lasts for 3 hours and cannot be dispelled, though it can be removed by remove curse, break enchantment, or similar effects. Any uncontrolled undead remain uncontrolled when the effect ends.


Cost 5,402 gp; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells necromantic burden