Burrowing Bullet

Aura moderate necromancy; CL 3rd; Weight —; Price varies; Lesser 1,722 gp, Greater 3,447 gp


This +1 firearm bullet deals normal damage, but when it hits a living creature, it burrows into the creature's flesh, causing wracking pain until removed or until the bullet burrows its way out of the creature. While these bullets burrow, the creature is staggered. This effect lasts for 1d3 rounds or until the bullet is removed with a DC 15 Heal check made as a standard action. Greater burrowing bullets take longer to pass though the bodies of living creatures (the staggered effect lasts 1d3+2 rounds) and are harder to remove (DC 20 Heal check as a standard action).


Craft Magic Arms and Armor, symbol of pain (burrowing bullet) or symbol of stunning (greater burrowing bullet); Cost varies; Lesser 861 gp, Greater 1,723 gp