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Price +2 bonus; Slot none; CL 12th; Weight —; Aura strong abjuration


Restriction This special ability can be placed only on a melee weapon.

A liberating weapon grants its wielder a competence bonus equal to the weapon's enhancement bonus on Sense Motive checks, and this bonus is doubled when attempting a Sense Motive check to sense enchantment. This increased bonus also applies on Spellcraft checks to identify an enchantment spell as it is being cast. When a liberating weapon is used to attack a creature under direct mental control, such as from possession, charm effects, or compulsion effects like command and dominate person, the weapon deals nonlethal damage and grants the target a new saving throw against the effect, with a morale bonus on the save equal to the weapon's enhancement bonus. If this save succeeds, the effect is suppressed for 10 minutes. If the target is affected by multiple such effects, the weapon's wielder chooses which effect the target can attempt a second save against. If the target fails this save, the effect is not suppressed and the target is immune to this effect of the same liberating weapon for 24 hours.


Cost +2 bonus; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells break enchantment, greater dispel magic