Dry Load

Price +1,500 gp
Aura faint abjuration; CL 3rd; Weight


This weapon special ability can only be applied to alchemical or metal firearm cartridges. Dry load cartridges can be used to load guns underwater or in other airless environments, such as a vacuum. This special ability protects the cartridge's contents as it is being loaded into a firearm and creates a residual bubble of air that surrounds that firearm, further protecting the ammunition and allowing the firearm with this ammunition loaded in it to be fired in an airless environment.

After the cartridge is loaded, the bubble of air lasts for 3 minutes or until the firearm is fired, whichever occurs first.

A firearm loaded with this ammunition still takes the —2 penalty on attack rolls when fired underwater for every 5 feet of water the bullet passes through, in addition to the normal penalties to range. When firing a dry load cartridge underwater or in an airless environment, a misfire that results in a firearm explosion occurs normally.

The listed price is for 50 dry load cartridges.


Craft Magic Arms and Armor, air bubble; Cost +750 gp