Shield of Hags


Price 20,273 gp; Slot shield; CL 7th; Weight 5 lbs.; Aura moderate necromancy


Found with disturbing frequency amid treasure caches, this +1 light wooden shield has what appears to be a human face stretched across its front, with the weathered skin held in place by thick iron studs. Three times per day on command, the open mouth of the face can emit one of the two following effects:

  • A burst of terrified screams that causes creatures in a 30-foot cone to become panicked as if by the fear spell. A successful DC 16 Will save causes a creature to become shaken for 1 round instead.
  • A tortured voice pleading for help. Anyone within 60 feet of the shield hears the voice in her own language, spoken as if by a member of her own race.


Cost 10,713 gp; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells fear, tongues