Aura faint conjuration; CL 5th; Weight —; Price +10,000 gp


Putrid armor gives off a revolting, stomach-twisting stench. Each living creatures within 10 feet of the wearer must succeed at a DC 14 Fortitude save or be sickened for 5 rounds. This is a poison effect. Creatures that successfully save cannot be affected by the same armor's stench for 24 hours. Creatures with the stench universal monster ability or immunity to poison are unaffected. The wearer of putrid armor is immune to his own stench, but not to stench-based effects from other sources. The stench can be suppressed or resumed on command, but it takes 1 minute for an active stench to dissipate. Dissipation time increases to 10 minutes in a closed area or if no wind is blowing, and decreases to 3 rounds in moderate wind or 1 round in strong wind.


Craft Magic Arms and Armor, stinking cloud; Cost +5,000 gp