Price 6,500 gp; Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd


Restriction: This ability can be applied only to light armor.

A suit of locksmith armor does not apply its armor check penalty to its wearer’s Disable Device checks.

At will, the wearer of locksmith armor can extend from her fingertips small, delicate wires that function as masterwork thieves’ tools. There is no evidence of the existence of these tools when they’re not in use, and a PC attempting a Spellcraft check to identify the properties of locksmith armor must exceed the normal DC by 15 or this property is not revealed (though the other functions of the armor are identified normally).

Additionally, locksmith armor allows the wearer to transfer some or all of the armor’s enhancement bonus to the wearer’s Disable Device checks as an enhancement bonus. As a free action, the wearer chooses how to allocate the armor’s enhancement bonus at the start of his turn, and the reduction to the armor’s enhancement bonus and the bonus on Disable Device checks last until his next turn.


Cost 3,250 gp; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells knock