Aura moderate conjuration; CL 9th; Weight —; Price +7,500 gp


A suit of armor or shield with this special ability hides living animals within its iconography to keep it safe. The wearer can speak a command word to magically store an animal to which he is bonded, such as an animal companion, a familiar, or mount. The stored animal appears as a symbol emblazoned upon the armor or shield, either one that mimics the appearance of the animal or that is more symbolic and abstract.

While stored, the animal is sleeping and provides the wearer no benefit (such as a familiar's skill bonus). The size of animal that can be stored depends on the type of armor or shield. A suit of light armor, medium armor, or a light shield or heavy shield can store one animal up to the wearer's size. A suit of heavy armor or a tower shield can store one animal up to one size category larger than the wearer. A second command word releases the stored animal from the hosteling armor or shield. A released animal immediately awakens, appears in a space adjacent to the wearer, and can take actions on the round it appears.

Because the stored animal is sleeping rather than in suspended animation (or even hibernating), it ages and gets hungry at the normal rate while stored. A hosteling armor or shield automatically releases a stored animal 24 hours after it was stored inside.

This armor special ability still works on bonded magical beasts that were once animals, but not outsiders, oozes, or other exotic companion creatures.


Craft Magic Arms and Armor, secret chest; Cost 3,750 gp