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Branch of Life

Slot none; Aura strong conjuration; CL 15th; Weight 1 lb.


This verdant branch glows with a soothing, pale green light. Carefully pruned from the world's first tree, this artifact hums with energy. Full of everlasting life, it needs time to transfer its magic.

It can cast heal at will, but needs a full hour to do so.

Once a day, it can cast resurrection, but it takes the full day to do so.

The branch serves only those who are worthy. It will not stay in the possession of a non-good creature for long, disappearing in 1d4 days. It will similarly disappear while in the possession of a good creature who associates with nongood creatures, but this takes 2d8 days to occur.


The branch of life can be destroyed by taking it to the heart of the Negative Energy Plane.