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Bell of Mercy

Aura strong abjuration; CL 20th; Slot none; Price —; Weight 2,000 lbs.


This large bell appears to be cast from pure polished silver. It is engraved with delicate runes around the bottom lip, and measures 3 feet from lip to crown and 5 feet in circumference around the bottom. Sacred to a particular faith, seven such bells are believed to have existed at one point, each housed in a separate location. While these seven locations were separated by great distance, pilgrimages to all were often undertaken by the deity's faithful. Each location presents its own dangers, and in some cases the bells themselves have gone missing.

A Bell of Mercy's magic works only once per year, though it can be rung more often as a normal bell. When activated, the bell sanctifies the area around it with the effects of hallow with a 120-foot radius, and with the additional effects of protection from evil for every good-aligned creature within the area. Within a 60-foot radius, this also includes a chaotic good maximized forbiddance effect. Creatures whose alignments are not chaotic or not good take 36 points of damage (Will DC 19 half) upon entering this area, while creatures whose alignments are neither chaotic nor good take 72 points of damage. All evil extraplanar creature within 60 feet when the bell is rung must succeed at DC 20 Will save or be banished to their plane of origin—evil outsiders who resist this are still staggered in this area as a result of the bell's power. Finally, the immediate structure surrounding the bell becomes infused with magic, causing doors and walls within its forbiddance area to be magically treated and repairing damage at the rate of 5 points of damage per round. These repairs cannot repair damage to a structure incurred before the bell was rung. A Bell of Mercy is constantly under the effect of a dimensional lock, so it cannot be transported via teleportation.


A Bell of Mercy may be destroyed by transporting it to the Abyss, where it must be struck by an adamantine unholy longsword wielded by a balor lord.