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Figurine of the Concealed Companion

Aura strong transmutation; CL 15th; Slot none; Weight 1 lb.


In its natural form, a figurine of the concealed companion looks like nothing more than a fist-sized hunk of distinctly colored clay. When taken up by a character who possesses a deep contention with another creature and brought into contact with that companion creature, the creature vanishes and the clay transforms into a miniature replica of the creature sculpted from colored stone. Only creatures bound to a character via the animal companion, familiar, or mount class feature can be affected by a figurine of the concealed companion. Once a character has bound a creature to the figurine, he can toss down the figurine and speak a command word, causing the creature to return to its natural state and size. At any time while the creature is in its natural form, the creature's owner can speak the figurine's command word and cause the creature to transform back into a miniature. While in figurine form, a creature does not age, perceive the passage of time, or need to breathe, eat, or drink, and can be kept in this form indefinitely. If the creature bound to the figurine is killed, the figurine of the concealed companion returns to its unshaped, clay form and can be bonded to another creature.


Neglected familiars, animal companions too large to fit through narrow passages, and mounts in constant need of stabling all present challenges that can make a class feature a burden. With this figurine, players now have a way to keep animal companions safe when they're not needed, get mounts through tight areas, and explain where their unmentioned familiar has been for the past dozen sessions.