Hidden Sword

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Aura moderate conjuration; CL 9th
Slot 1 hand; Price 3,000 gp plus cost of weapon; Weight —.


This tattoo is most often rendered with the image of a weapon on the inside wrist of the user.

To create this tattoo, the spellcaster needs access to an actual weapon, and the weapon is then melded to the tattoo, so that it is carried, weightlessly, in the tattoo. A weapon carried in this way may be “drawn” as a free action and “sheathed” at will within the tattoo. Once the weapon for the tattoo is chosen, it cannot be changed without dispelling the tattoo first, though a different weapon can be “sheathed” in this way on each arm and additional weapons can be added to the same hand for twice the cost of the original tattoo.


Craft Wondrous Tattoo, secret chest; Cost 1,500 gp plus cost of weapon.