Gloves of Bloody Murder

Aura strong necromancy; CL 13th
Slot hands; Price 52,000 gp (+1), 58,000 gp (+2), 68,000 gp (+3), 82,000 gp (+4), 100,000 gp (+5); Weight


While worn, these dark crimson gloves grant the wearer a +1 to +5 CMB bonus to pin an opponent successfully grappled in the prior round. The wearer must choose to strangle the pinned victim to obtain this bonus. The gloves also grants the wearer immunity to bleed effects as well as gaining a natural bleed attack causing +1d4 bleed damage (per plus) to successful grapple attempts or unarmed attacks made with the hands. Both gloves must be worn for the magic to be effective, and both hands must be free to take advantage of the magic.


Craft Wondrous Item, grasping hand; Cost 26,000 gp (+1), 29,000 gp (+2), 34,000 gp (+3), 41,000 gp (+4), 50,000 gp (+5).