Enchanted Masthead

Aura strong universal; CL 15th
Slot —; Price 10,000 gp + 6,500 gp per power; Weight 200-500 lbs.


These magic figures are mounted on the bow of a ship to provide a variety of magical abilities to the ship. An enchanted masthead must also be ritually bound to the ship before its benefits can be used. Only one masthead can be ritually bound and mounted on any given ship, although a single masthead may certainly have more than one power.

Table: Enchanted Masthead Powers

d20 Benefit
1-2 Navigation: The captain gains a +4 bonus on all Survival checks to avoid becoming lost.
3-4 Piloting: The pilot/driver gains a +4 bonus on all sailing or driving checks (see Vessels and Vehicles for rules for driving ships.)
5-6 Speed: Acceleration and maximum speed are increased by +10 feet (see Vessels for rules for acceleration and maximum speed.)
7-8 Maneuverability: The ships base CMB and CMD are increased by +4 (see Vessels for rules for making combat maneuvers on a ship.)
9-10 Seaworthiness: The captain gains a +4 bonus on Survival checks to determine or predict weather.
11 Stealth: Ship can be covered by illusionary mist, which reduces the range at which it can be spied by a factor of four.
12 Eagle Eye: Range of lookout’s vision is doubled.
13 Pursuit: Once an enemy ship is sighted, the captain constantly knows which direction it is in, for up to nine days.
14 Treasure Finding: The captain gains a +4 bonus on all Navigation checks.
15 Ramming: The ship is treated as if its hardness is 4 greater when ramming other vessels.
16 Stability: The ship gains a +2 stability bonus to its base CMD and to siege engine attack rolls.
17 Fire Protection: Ship gains +4 bonus on saving throws versus fire, takes 1/2 damage from magical fire, gains saving throw DC 10 + 1/die of damage against normal fire, no damage if save is made, half damage if save is failed.
18 Hardness: The ship's hull and decks hardness are increased by 2.
19 Buoyancy: +4 bonus to all Foundering checks.
20 Maintenance: Costs of repairs to the ship are reduced by 50%.


Craft Wondrous Item, limited wish; Cost 6,500 gp + (3,500 gp) per power;