Menkaure’s Guide

Aura moderate conjuration, divination, and evocation; CL 8th; Slot slotless; Price 32,310 gp; Weight 3 lbs.


This +1 axiomatic undead bane shortsword has a single-edged steel blade with no crossguard and a stylized hilt in the form of a writhing and striking asp. A single line of hieroglyphs is etched into the blade, picked out in sparkling blood-red enamel.


For up to ten rounds per day, the wielder may detect secret doors as if under the effects of the detect secret doors spell. These rounds need not be consecutive. The weapon must be drawn and pointed in front of the wielder for the effect to function, and the 60-foot cone of the spell effect emanates from the tip of the weapon.


Feats a craft feat, another feat (if applicable); Spells detect secret doors, order’s wrathsummon monster I; Special creator must be lawful; Cost 16,310 gp