Canopic Scarab

Aura moderate necromancy; CL 7th; Slot neck; Price 18,900 gp; Weight —


This amulet is made of blue glazed pottery in the shape of a scarab beetle. 


When placed on the corpse of a creature within a minute of its death, the scarab animates, burrows into the cadaver, and consumes the viscera and internal organs, including the stomach, lungs, and liver. Three rounds later, the scarab emerges, suffused with the life force of the deceased creature. This consumption prevents the corpse from being turned into an undead creature and from being the target of a raise dead spell or any other effect requiring a whole body.

When worn, a canopic scarab which has fed in this way protects the wearer from critical hits or sneak attacks, absorbing the extra damage from them. For each hit die of the corpse fed upon, the scarab can absorb 5 hit points of damage. Once the scarab is depleted, it is dormant for 24 hours before it can consume viscera again. 

If the wearer loses enough hit points to die while wearing an attuned and fed canopic scarab, all hit points the scarab could absorb are expended at once. If the wearer’s total hit points remain high enough to avert death after the absorption, the wearer is stabilized at that hit point total; otherwise, the wearer dies. The scarab is destroyed, regardless of whether the wearer lives or dies.

The scarab must be worn for 48 hours to become attuned to the wearer before either protective effect can occur.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells false life, raise dead, sanctify corpse; Cost 9,450 gp