Bowl of Troubled Sleep

Aura moderate divination and illusion; CL 13th
Slot —; Price 45,000 gp; Weight 4 lbs.


This six-inch diameter shallow porcelain bowl allows the wielder to see over virtually any distance or into other planes of existence. This functions as a scrying spell, and the bowl must be filled with fresh blood for the item to function. Blood used in this manner must come from a single source. The amount of blood required is significant, but not necessarily fatal; the donor suffers 1d4 points of temporary Constitution damage each time he donates blood to the bowl. If the target to be viewed is of the same race as the donor of the blood, the scry check gains a +4 circumstance bonus.

If the target being scryed upon is sleeping, the user may cast a dream or a nightmare spell upon him without entering the trance normally required when casting either of these spells. Casting dream or nightmare on the viewed subject consumes the blood in the bowl and ends the scrying. If the user does not end the effects by targeting the victim with either of these spells, the blood is consumed after thirteen minutes. Once the blood is consumed, the bowl of troubled sleep becomes dormant and cannot be used again for 24 hours.


Craft Wondrous Item, scrying, dream, nightmare; Cost 22,500 gp.