Lunar Amulet

Aura moderate divination; CL 11th; Slot neck Weight -; Price 16,000 gp


The centerpiece of this amulet is a glass orb that glows as the moon on a clear night. Around this orb is a metal ring with eight inlaid gemstones, representing the phases of the moon. The types of the eight gems varies by the creator of the amulet, and can be different or of the same types, the most common being moonstone, diamonds, onyx, or pearls.

Each night, the orb in the center of a lunar amulet changes to display a different phase of the moon. This grants the wearer the benefits of a lunar prophecy spell each day, granting him a different power he can use once each day based on the phase of the moon shown in the amulet. The phase shown is randomly determined, as done with a lunar prophecy spell. Similarly, the wearer of the lunar amulet can attempt to force the amulet to show a different lunar phase if he makes a DC 17 Will save. He may only attempt this once per day, and only if he hasn’t used the effect granted by the amulet that day. If he succeeds, the amulet changes to show the desired moon phase, and he can use its granted effect that day. If he fails the save, the orb of the amulet clouds over, as if trying to view the moon on an overcast night, and he loses the amulet’s benefits until the next night where it shows a new, randomly determined lunar phase.


Craft Wondrous Item, lunar prophecy; Cost 8,000 gp