Bracers of Dusk and Dawn

Aura moderate evocation; CL 7th; Slot wrists Weight 1 lb.; Price 3,000 gp


This pair of leather bracers each have a distinct rune, one bracer bearing a bright white symbol, the other’s symbol black as coal. With a command word, the wearer of the bracers of dusk and dawn can create an aura of light or darkness within a 30 foot radius of himself. This can be either normal light, dim light, or darkness, chosen when the command word is spoken, and lasts until another command is given to either turn off the effect or to change it to a different lighting level. Unlike most magical items that create light or darkness, the light or darkness created by the bracers of dusk and dawn is considered non-magical and interacts with other mundane or magical sources of light and darkness accordingly.


Craft Wondrous Item, control light; Cost 1,500 gp