The Crystal Ball of the Prophet

Aura strong divination; CL 18th
Slot none; Weight 2 lbs. 


The crystal ball of the prophet once belonged to one of the most renowned and accurate prophets of the past several millenia.  Five hundred years ago, a young cleric of the god of fate and prophecy was lead by dreams and visions to a ruin in the city at the center of the world. Four feet underground, beneath the ruins, the woman found a rotting chest, inside of which was a velvet bag containing a crystal ball with a brass stand. Crumbling documents buried with the ball were evidence it had once belonged to the Great Prophet.

The young priestess quickly discovered that in addition to functioning as a typical crystal ball, it also allowed her to occasionally catch brief glimpses of what could only be the future. After a brief time of fame and notoriety, the woman fled all the attention, taking the crystal ball with her. One hundred years ago the crystal ball turned up again, this time in the hands of a duchess of the unseelie, but a coven of good witches assaulted the duchess and took the ball. No one has seen the crystal ball since.


The crystal ball of the prophet functions as a normal crystal ball with telepathy and true seeing. In addition, the crystal ball allows the user to cast any Divination spell known and prepared through it to whatever area is being viewed. The ball also gives occasional glimpses of the future to the user (no more than once per week), though a DC 21 Intelligence check is required to correctly interpret the visions. A failed Intelligence check means the user simply does not understand the meaning behind the visions. It is up to the GM to determine what the vision of the future is and whether or not the vision comes to pass.


The bearer of the crystal ball of the prophet may feel compelled to seek out people who attempt to unduly affect the future, particularly by changing the fate or destiny of other people, and stop them.