Box of Nightmares

Aura strong enchantment and illusion; CL 18th
Slot none; Weight 5 lbs. 


The box of nightmares is an oddity among all holy relics, as it is not the result of some great saint or hero passing along a legacy, but rather seems to have existed since time immemorial. Some say that the box of nightmares was here before the world was even created and that the twin gods of nightmare and prophecy were released from within it the first time it was opened.

Through the millennia, various individuals have come to possess the box of nightmares, most of them being the faithful of the nightmare god. It is said that the box contains every nightmare that any living creature has ever had or will ever have, and that opening it releases some of those nightmares to affect individuals nearby.


Opening the box of nightmares causes one of three spell effects of the bearer’s choosing – phantasmal killer, mass cause fear, or crushing despair. All spells are treated as if cast by an 18th level sorcerer with a Charisma of 18. The box can only release one spell at a time, and can release no more than six spells per day. The bearer is unaffected by the released nightmares, though she will be able to see the nightmares others suffer.


The bearer of the box of nightmares may be compelled to spread the nightmares everywhere she goes, opening the box in inns, crowded markets, or even in random dungeon rooms. The nightmares released affect everyone except the bearer, including her companions.