Ravenous Mold (CR 4)

The spores of this black mold grow uncontrollably on contact with flesh. As it grows, the mold secretes a potent acid to break down the flesh of its host. When a colony of ravenous mold is disturbed or agitated (such as by bumping or wind), the mold takes root on any organic matter within 20 feet. Any living creature, magic item, or attended object can avoid infestation with a successful DC 14 Fortitude saving throw. An unattended object gains no saving throw. Infested living creatures and organic objects take 1d6 points of acid damage each round as the mold spreads. Only half of an object's or creature's hardness applies to the damage, but acid resistance or immunity applies in full. Exposing an infested creature to bright light destroys the mold, as does 10 points or more of fire damage dealt in a single round. Additionally, the mold can be cured by any effect that removes disease.

Ravenous mold cannot consume inorganic materials or bone, or dry organic materials such as cured leather and wood.

Ravenous mold escaped from a quarantine chamber where it was being studied to determine its potential efficacy as a biological weapon.