Monkey Trees (CR -)

Monkey Trees CR -

XP -

Monkey trees present a unique hazard in the jungle. These shaggy-barked trees have thick, twisting limbs sprouting from a central trunk. They have no foliage, only looping branches extending toward the sky. The solid appearance of the tree and its twisted limbs make it seem ideal for climbing. Its fibrous bark also serves as ideal tinder. While not harmful, the bark of the monkey tree contains concentrated oils that seep into the skin of anyone who touches the tree. These oils react with skin to create an incredibly spicy, pungent odor.

A character who touches a monkey tree smells strongly for the next day. The oils react with any skin, including leather, so leather gloves also pick up the smell. A character can rid herself of the scent by scrubbing with soap and water, after which the smell grows mild and inoffensive. Unless the character takes the time to wash, any creature tracking the character or her allies receives a +4 circumstance bonus to its Survival check. What's more, many predators have learned that the smell of a monkey tree means the presence of naked (and uneducated) flesh somewhere nearby. Unprotected contact with a monkey tree greatly increases the chances of a random encounter, as some predators can smell the pungent odor from up to 10 miles away and may head toward it.