Grabber Trees (CR -)

Grabber Trees CR -

XP -

Grabber trees are nonsentient trees that can nonetheless be dangerous for unwary travelers. A grabber tree grows multiple thin trunks only 1 or 2 inches in diameter, all clustered together. These trunks sprout even thinner, short branches that stick out from the trunks like spines on a thistle. One grabber tree by itself poses no threat, but grabber trees tend to cover large areas of jungle, and they pose a hazard to any who enter an infested area. Grabber trees grow sparsely around the edges of a field or stand but cluster more densely at its center. A character can make a DC 15 Survival check to notice that grabber trees are appearing more frequently. Once a traveler enters the perimeter of a grabber tree stand, her movement becomes inhibited. Grabber tree stands count as difficult terrain. The twigs protruding from the trunks catch on clothes, straps, and skin. It's difficult for a character to back up among grabber trees, as the twigs tend to protrude toward the center of the stand, making it easier to enter than to exit. By the time a creature failing the Survival check realizes she has entered a grabber tree stand meaning by the time her movement becomes inhibited by the difficult terrain the stand already extends behind her by 2d6 squares.

Much like fog bushes, the danger of grabber tree stands is that predators often hunt near them, hoping to find a panicked creature caught in the twigs. Creatures in grabber tree stands tend to thrash and break twigs in their efforts to escape the equivalent of ringing a dinner bell for nearby stalkers.