Burning Geyser (CR 15)

Burning Geyser CR 15

Every round, there is a cumulative 10% chance that the geyser erupts. When it does so, it sends forth a plume of steam and scalding water into the air. Anyone within a 10-foot radius of it when the geyser erupts takes damage for as long as the geyser erupts.

XP 51,200


This geyser spews burning liquid into a bitterly cold area.

It deals 20d6 points of fire damage per round (Reflex DC 25 half, though evasion will only quarter the damage rather than avoid it entirely on a successful save) for 1d4+1 rounds.

Starting in the second round of the geyser’s eruption, the rapidly cooling water begins running down the ceiling and walls, dripping down into a forest of quickly freezing icicles. This rain of freezing water affects anyone within 30 ft. of the geyser’s eruption and lasts for the length of the eruption as well as 1d3 rounds thereafter. Any creature caught in this freezing downpour takes 10d6 points of cold damage each round and is slowed (as the slow spell) by the layer of frost and ice forming on it. A DC 30 Reflex save halves this damage (once again, only quartering it for evasion) and prevents the slow effect. Once the creature has been slowed, each additional failed save causes its speed to be reduced by 10 feet. If the creature’s speed reaches 0 feet, it is completely encased in ice and is considered helpless. At this point the creature continues taking damage from the freezing water—automatically failing any saving throws—plus an additional 3d6 points of cold damage each round until freed from the ice. The creature also begins to suffocate until at least partially freed (requiring a full-round action by someone other than the helpless individual).