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Bloodwine, a favorite serpentfolk drink, is made from the blood of sentient creatures and spiced with brain mold spores and other subterranean seasonings. Its main ingredient is usually drow, duergar, or svirfneblin blood, but the best vintages of bloodwine contain a higher concentration of morlock blood. Bloodwine affects serpentfolk much like wine affects humans, but it is poisonous to most other creatures. Generally, bloodwine is less harmful to members of races that are used to ingesting blood. Urdefhans suffer no ill effects from drinking it. Drow are immune to the sickening effect but are still susceptible to the bloodwine’s Wisdom damage. Vampires heal 2 hit points or gain 2 temporary hit points for each cup of bloodwine drunk. Immunity to poison gives immunity to the harmful effects of bloodwine. A single dose of bloodwine is worth 100 gp.


Type poison (ingested); Save Fortitude DC 25; Frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes


Initial sickened for 1d4 hours; Secondary 1d3 Wis damage; Cure 2 consecutive saves.