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Multiple Personality Disorder

Type insanity; Save Will DC 19 Onset 2d6 days Effect –6 penalty on Will saving throws and Wisdom based skill checks; multiple personalities (see below)


This is a complicated disorder that manifests as 1 or more distinct and different personalities within the same body and mind. The number of additional personalities the victim manifests equals the DC of the insanity divided by 10 (round down, minimum of 1 additional personality). Should the insanity worsen in some way (such as by the save DC increasing), the number of additional personalities increases as well. Likewise, the number of additional personalities decreases as the sufferer recovers and the insanity’s DC decreases. The GM should develop these additional personalities. Every morning, and each time the afflicted character is rendered unconscious, he must make a Will save against his insanity’s DC. Failure indicates that a different personality takes over. A character’s memories and skills remain unchanged, but the various personalities have no knowledge of each other and will deny, often violently, that these other personalities exist.