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Soldier's Peace

Administered as an injection of nanites, soldier's peace is not usually contagious. The nanites settle in the brain, where they inflict crippling pain in response to violent acts and thoughts.

Type infestation, nanite, injury; Save Will DC 15; Onset 1 day; Frequency special, maximum once per round


If the victim damages or attempts to damage another creature, even by accident, she must succeed at a saving throw or be nauseated with excruciating pain for 1 round, then sickened for 1d4 additional rounds.

A successful saving throw eliminates the nausea and reduces the sickened effect to 1 round. Sufficiently violent thoughts (GM's discretion) require a saving throw as well. The nanites make no allowances for harming unintelligent or nonliving creatures, but do allow the destruction of objects. If the victim doesn't notice she hurt a creature (such as stepping on an ant), no ill effects occur.


Soldier's peace can be cured only by remove disease or similar means that eradicate the disease from the body; it can't be cured with successful saving throws.