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Skin Wastes

This disease brings intense itching, then hardening and cracking of the skin, and eventually the transformation of all soft tissue to bone.

Type disease, contact; Save Fortitude DC 20, see text; Frequency 1/hour; Effect –2 penalty to AC and on Fortitude and Reflex saves for 1 hour; Cure 2 consecutive saves



The affected creature suffers from itchy, irritating skin, and localized, splotchy rashes. At this stage, the disease has no mechanical effect.


The affected creature’s skin becomes gray and flaky. The itchiness caused by the disease worsens, and the creature must succeed at a Will save at the disease’s DC each waking hour or frantically spend much of that hour scratching away at its skin. For each failed Will save after the first in the same day, the creature takes 1d6 points of damage, as its scratching begins to break the skin and leave bloody gouges.


The itching intensifies, and the amount of damage dealt by scratching increases to 1d8. Additionally, during combat and other stressful situations, the affected creature must scratch its skin each round as a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Each round, the affected creature can suppress the need to scratch that round with a successful Will save at the disease’s DC, but if it attempts the saving throw and fails, it spends the entire round scratching.


The affected creature’s skin becomes cracked and broken, and even moving is incredibly painful. As long as the creature remains at this stage, the affected creature is sickened and staggered. Additionally, whenever the affected creature takes damage, it takes double the amount of damage it normally would.


The affected creature’s skin and organs slowly transform into solid bone, until eventually the creature is effectively petrified. The creature is constantly nauseated. For the first 24 hours at this stage, its Dexterity score is reduced by 1 each hour. During this time, its skin and organs transform into a single, solid mass of bone. Once its Dexterity score reaches 0 or after 24 hours have passed, it is petrified. A stone to flesh spell can undo the petrification, but the creature must immediately succeed at a Fortitude save against the disease’s DC to survive the change. Even if it does, its Dexterity is again reduced by 1 each hour, and it eventually becomes petrified once more unless cured of the disease.