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Type curse; Save none to avoid curse, Will DC 22 to avoid effects

Effect Target becomes hunted by a specific devil (devil appears to attack and slay cursed victim after the victim fails 3 saving throws) plus 2 points of Wis damage;

Cure slay devil or pass runecursed object to another person, who must willingly accept it as a gift (this transfers the curse to the victim, along with the curse’s current “countdown,” so if the original victim had already missed two saving throws, the new victim only need miss one before the devil appears—if the new target of the curse is the same person who originally started the curse, the devil appears in 1d3 rounds to kill the new victim or take its remains with it back to Hell); attempts to remove this curse via remove curse or break enchantment suffer a –5 penalty on the caster level check to remove it (and the cursed individual should take care not to have the runecurse in his possession at this time, because if he does he’ll simply become cursed again by virtue of the fact that he’s still technically the “owner” of the curse).