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Supernatural Spy (Story)

Your familiarity with magic drives you to discover a great supernatural secret. You might work with an eldritch organization, which could be a school of magic or part of a government with strong ties to magic, or you might attempt to keep your magical inquiries hidden from your employers.

Prerequisite(s): Alchemist discovery, arcane discovery, arcanist exploit, or magus arcana class feature and you must either have observed a created magical effect you could not understand or have the Master Craftsman or the Unquenchable Hunger for Knowledge background.

Benefit: Treat your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score as 2 higher for the purpose of calculating the effects and save DCs of one of the following class features: alchemist discoveries, arcane discoveries, arcanist exploits, or magus arcana. You select both the ability score and class feature to be affected when you select this feat, and the choice cannot be changed. This increases the potency of the abilities but does not grant access to additional abilities.

Goal: Learn a great supernatural secret, connected in some manner to an aspect of the class feature you selected with this story feat.

You must evade or thwart a challenging foe in the process.

Completion Benefit: When calculating the effect of the class feature selected with this feat, you treat your class level for the relevant class as 2 higher. This does not impact when you gain access to additional abilities tied to that class feature, only the effectiveness of abilities from the feature you already have.

Quest (Roll a 1d4)
  1. Criers show up near occult phenomena with suspicious frequency; you seek to learn what they have learned on a major topic such as extraplanetary studies, necrotic enrichment, or supernatural meteorology.
  2. Aboleths are rumored to use gillmen and other servants (both knowing and unwitting) to monitor or manipulate events, and you intend to discover more about the aboleth ability to transform other creatures.
  3. You seek to discover the terms of an infernal pact to secure rulership and to learn more about infernal magic.
  4. A priest charges you with hunting down a powerful divination spell lost long ago and rumored to have been found and sold by merchants to an unknown buyer.