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Shamed (Story)

A past humiliation haunts you to this day.

Prerequisite: You must have been publicly embarrassed, or must have the Bastard Born background. If the embarrassment didn't cause significant harm to your personal honor or social standing, it does not qualify for the feat prerequisites. The humiliation doesn't need to have been unjustified.

Benefit: Being observed drives you to excel. When you're in a conflict that is being observed by others not involved in the conflict, you gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and skill checks.

Goal: You can complete this goal in one of two fashions. First, thwart a chosen foe in a fashion that clearly establishes your superiority to the general public. Second, prove your worth another way, like gaining a title or becoming the chosen hero of a region.

Completion Benefit: Your newfound confidence gives you temporary hit points equal to your character level. These temporary hit points last until lost and refresh any time you rest long enough for natural healing to occur, whether or not any healing actually occurs.