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Magical Enigma (Story)

A troubling mystery lurks around you, tied to the origin of your magic or your family’s legacy, and you seek the truth at all costs.

Prerequisite(s): Bloodline, eidolon, mystery, phantom, spirit animal, or witch’s familiar class feature and you must have an unknown secret about your magic or family history (even if you do not yet know the topic of the secret) or have the One of a Kind, the Outsider’s Lineage, or the Unknown background.

Benefit: Select a class feature from the following list: one bloodline power, eidolon evolutions, one revelation, phantom abilities, spirit animal, or witch’s familiar. The feature must be from a class you have at least 1 level in, and you must have the class feature. You can treat either your class level as being 1 higher, or your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score as 2 higher, for the purpose of calculating the effect of the selected power. This impacts only the calculations of your existing powers that are based on class level or the appropriate ability score.

It does not grant you early access to abilities gained at higher levels.

Goal: Learn and verify the chosen magic secret for your family, defeating a challenging foe in the process.

Completion Benefit: Select one Knowledge skill or the Use Magic Device skill. This is now a class skill for you.

Quest (Roll a 1d4)
  1. You clearly remember briefly having a baby sister, but your family insists she never existed and threatens to cut you off if you do not stop inquiring. Your only clues are your aberrant magical abilities and recurring nightmares of fish-men walking under the surface of the nearby lake.
  2. Your eidolon, familiar, or phantom came to you in fulfillment of a bargain it cannot remember and that cannot be revealed to any other mortal lest it come undone, so you quest secretly for its origin.
  3. Without seeking it out yourself, you manifested a touch of the divine. You yearn to discover its origin without being imprisoned or executed.
  4. Your family’s draconic bloodline is secretly said to be linked distantly to a vanished royal house. You seek to learn why you were spared without drawing the attention of the many houses intent on usurping the throne.