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Infiltrator (Story)

You have sacrificed your true identity in order to achieve your goal.

Prerequisite(s): Must have adopted an assumed or secret identity associated with an enemy organization.

Benefit: Once per day when you succeed at a saving throw to negate a divination, you learn what the divination would have revealed and can spend an immediate action to cause the divination to return appropriate false information you imagine that would fit with your cover identity.

Goal: Thwart the organization you have infiltrated, defeating or turning to your cause an appropriate number of challenging foes in the process.

Completion Benefit: Whenever a spell or spell-like ability would reveal information about you, you can attempt a Will saving throw. If your saving throw is successful, the spell reveals nothing about you. You can use this feat’s benefits to instead give false information, as detailed above.

Quest (Roll a 1d4)
  1. You must use the rigorous training you received from skilled inquisitors to join and thwart your foes.
  2. A conservatory gave you the identity of a distant relative of a rival information broker so you could erase the broker’s records and eliminate important witnesses of their psychic spying.
  3. Although you were sent as a spy by a ninja clan, you came to think of your targets as your new kin. When you were caught, you managed to convince your former targets to keep you on as a double agent, and when you were called back to report, you went as a spy for your new home.
  4. The church assigned you to infiltrate the ranks of a secret cult.