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Foeslayer (Story)

Your bitter feud with your enemies can be quenched only with blood.

Prerequisite: You must have been defeated and robbed of at least half your possessions by a particular group of humanoids or monstrous humanoids, or have the An Eye for an Eye, Hated Foe, Raiders, or Vengeance background. You may choose a specific race, such as duergar, or a broader group, such as goblinoids. At the GM's option, you may instead choose residents of a particular country, settlement, or tribe.

Benefit: The save DCs for your spells or abilities increase by 1 when you use them against the chosen group, and you gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC against their attacks.

Goal: Slay an appropriate number of challenging foes.

Completion Benefit: You gain the benefits of the Improved Critical feat on attacks made against members of your chosen race. Your dodge bonus to AC against such foes increases to +2.