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Dead Inside (Story)

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You are devoid of both hatred and joy. While many regard you as callous, you have no particular malice in your heart.

Prerequisite(s): You must have failed your saving throws against at least five different emotion-manipulating spells or your saving throw against a supernatural creature's fear effect (such as a dragon's frightful presence), or you have the Sunless or Sole Survivor background.

Benefit(s): When you are the target of a spell or spell-like ability with the emotion or fear descriptor, you can roll your saving throw twice and take the better result.

Goal: You overcome your detached state by taking part in an important emotional event, such as finding true love or taking great pleasure in an act of unrepentant evil.

Alternatively, you divest yourself of all emotion by severing your remaining emotional ties and eventually changing your alignment to neutral.

Completion Benefit(s): You master your emotions. You can ignore any morale bonuses or penalties applied to you by outside forces, though other emotion-based effects (such as the shaken condition or an elixir of love) still affect you if you fail a saving throw against them.