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Conciliator (Story)

You have witnessed terrible violence and prefer a better way.

Prerequisite(s): Must have successfully requested that the opposing sides of a violent encounter pause for parley.

Benefit: You can attempt a Diplomacy check to make a request of an enemy even if he is unfriendly or hostile, but only to request a pause in combat (which requires you and your apparent allies to take no attacks or hostile actions for 1 round prior to the request) or to request that he uses only nonlethal attacks (which requires you and your apparent allies to have made no attacks or used only nonlethal attacks against him for the past 24 hours). The DC is equal to 15 + the target’s CR + the target’s Wisdom modifier; it is modified by any other factors that would impact a Diplomacy check to make a request.

Additionally, your allies within 30 feet who can see or hear you gain a +2 bonus on skill checks to analyze individuals while attempting to gain influence or assess an audience before a verbal duel.

Once an ally benefits from this feat, that ally can’t do so again for 1 day.

Goal: Thwart an appropriate number of challenging foes with dialogue, nonviolent favors, and verbal duels.

Completion Benefit: Your allies can benefit from this feat any number of times per day.

Quest (Roll a 1d4)
  1. You have been sent to negotiate an alliance.
  2. You must use speeches to put an end to crimes of the a lumber consortium.
  3. Having witnessed the ceaseless cycle of bloodshed in multiple vicious overthrows of the government, you are determined to reform or replace a council without resorting to further violence.
  4. You must use negotiation to bring a cult back into the fold and align the members’ beliefs and actions to match those of a merciful church.