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Obliviating Stare (Stare)

Your stare can cause a target to lose track of someone.

Prerequisite(s): Allure bold stare improvement, hypnotic stare class feature, Mesmerist level 5th.

Benefit: You can cause a target of your hypnotic stare to lose track of creatures other than yourself. If the target of your hypnotic stare is in an environment that would allow the target to take 10 on skill checks (if not in immediate danger or distracted), creatures can attempt Stealth checks opposed by the target’s Perception check even if they lack cover or concealment. If the target of your hypnotic stare fails an opposed Perception check by 5 or more, it forgets the creature attempting the Stealth check was ever present, and acts as if it had failed a Will saving throw against a hidden presence spell cast by the creature using Stealth. If your hypnotic stare ends, the target takes damage, a creature using Stealth takes an action that would end a hidden presence spell, or the target’s circumstances change so it would be unable to take 10 on a skill check, all effects of Obliviating Stare end and the target is immune to your Obliviating Stare for 24 hours.