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Symbolic Mastery (Item Mastery)

You can channel the power of the gods through symbols of their faiths, using it as a weapon.

Prerequisite(s): Use Magic Device 4 ranks, base Fortitude saving throw bonus +2.

Benefit(s): A number of times per day equal to your base Fortitude save bonus, you can cause a holy symbol of a deity you worship and whose alignment is the same as yours to unleash a harmful magical attack called a symbolic bolt. This attack can be delivered via touch or a ray, as a standard action. A melee symbolic bolt requires a melee touch attack that doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity, and a ranged symbolic bolt is a ranged attack with a range of 30 feet. A symbolic bolt deals damage equal to 1d6 + 1/2 your total number of ranks in the Use Magic Device skill. You choose the type of damage dealt by your symbolic bolt each time you use this feat from those offered by the cleric domains granted by the deity whose holy symbol you use. The types of damage (and the cleric domains that grant them) are acid (Earth, Magic, Rune), cold (Darkness, Magic, Rune, Void, Water, Weather), electricity (Air, Magic, Rune, Weather), fire (Destruction, Fire, Magic, Rune), negative energy (Death, Destruction, Void), positive energy (Glory, Healing, Repose, Sun), sonic (Magic, Rune, Weather), and untyped (any). If a symbolic bolt is used to deal untyped damage, the bolt's damage is reduced to an amount equal to 1d3 + 1/2 your total number of ranks in Use Magic Device.

When you create a symbolic bolt, it originates from the hand holding the holy symbol and appears only briefly, so you have a hand free anytime you're not attacking with a symbolic bolt. The feat Weapon Focus (ray) doesn't apply to symbolic bolts, but you can take the feat Weapon Focus (symbolic bolt) and apply it to both melee and ranged symbolic bolts. Spells that target a single weapon (such as magic weapon) can't affect symbolic bolts, nor can a symbolic bolt have magic weapon special abilities. Abilities and feats that affect all weapon attacks function as normal with symbolic bolts.