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Somehow, you always seem to have the right tools or supplies close at hand.

Prerequisite: Halfling.

Benefit: Once per day, when confronted with a situation that calls for a particular mundane item of equipment, you may make a Sleight of Hand check with a DC of 10 plus the item’s cost in gold pieces to “happen” to have such an item on your person. For example, having a crowbar would be DC 12, whereas a flask of acid would be DC 20. The item must be something you can easily carry—if you are on foot and have only a backpack, for example, you could not have a large iron cauldron. You cannot have magical items using this feat, nor can you have specific items, such as the key to a particular door. If you are stripped of your equipment or possessions, you lose the benefits of this feat until you have at least a day to resupply and “acquire” new items. You must pay for these items normally.

Special: At the GM’s option, a character can substitute the Survival skill for Sleight of Hand with this feat. Such a choice is permanent.