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Vestigial Head

You were born with a parasitic vestigial head with its own stunted brain. The head may be mostly subsumed within your own flesh and visible only as a distorted face, or it might sprout out of its own neck from your neck, shoulder, back, or chest.

Prerequisite(s): Ogre.

Benefit(s): Anytime you must attempt a Will save against a hostile effect, there is a 25% change that the effect targets your vestigial head instead. If this occurs, you are treated as if you had succeeded at your saving throw, and instead are sickened for 1d4 rounds or the duration of the effect (whichever is longer).

Special: You can take this feat twice. The second time you do, the chance of a hostile Will effect targeting your vestigial head instead of your own increases to 50%. This doesn't give you another vestigial head.