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Secret Stash Deed (Grit)

You are so skilled at stashing small packets of firearm ammunition and black powder on your person that you sometimes surprise yourself when you find them.

Prerequisite: Grit class feature or Amateur Gunslinger feat, Sleight of Hand 1 rank.

Benefit: Spend 1 grit point while in combat to recover either 1 bullet and 1 dose of black powder or 1 alchemical cartridge from a hidden stash on your person that you had, until now, forgotten about. If the bullet and black powder or the alchemical cartridges are normal shot, you do not need to pay for the ammunition. If you want to recover any other kind of ammunition, you must pay for it with gold pieces from your character’s wealth. The grit cost of this deed cannot be decreased by the Signature Deed feat, the true grit class feature, or any other similar effect that reduces the number of grit points you spend to use a deed. You also gain a +4 bonus on any Sleight of Hand checks made while gambling.