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Practiced Leadership

When you and your cohort are both members of the same organization, you needn't shoulder the burden of leadership alone. By relying on the authority of your shared organization as well as your own leadership skills, your cohort demonstrates improved devotion and tactical acumen.

Prerequisite(s): Leadership, membership in the same organization as your cohort.

Benefit(s): As long as you and your cohort maintain membership in good standing within the same organization, your cohort gains a +4 morale bonus on Will saves against enchantment spells and effects. Additionally, your cohort is treated as though she possessed the same teamwork feats you do for the purpose of determining whether you receive a bonus from your teamwork feats.

Your cohort doesn't receive any bonuses from these feats unless she actually possesses the feats. If you and your cohort belong to one of the organizations listed in this section, your cohort gains the practiced leadership benefit associated with your organization. If a benefit grants your cohort access to a spell-like ability, the caster level of the effect is 1st or equal to your cohort's caster level, whichever is higher.