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Pantheistic Blessing

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You are grated a small bit of divine power as a result of your veneration of a pantheon of deities.

Prerequisites: Wis 13, must worship a pantheon of deities.

Benefit: When taking this feat, select a pantheon from the list below. You gain the listed spell-like ability for your selected pantheon, usable once per day. If the granted spell allows a saving throw, the DC is equal to 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Charisma modifier.

Special: If you act out of line with the tenets of your pantheon's beliefs, you lose the ability to cast the granted spell-like ability until you have received an atonement for your transgression (as a cleric restoring lost class abilities).

Example Pantheons

Archdevils (Aligned, Racial, and Cultural)

Common Believers devils, diabolists, tieflings

Granted Spell-Like Ability infernal healing

Ascended Pantheon (Cultural)

Common Believers adventurers, individualists

Granted Spell-Like Ability divine favor

Demon Lords (Aligned, Cultural, and Racial)

Common Believers drow, murderers, psychopaths

Granted Spell-Like Ability lesser confusion

Dwarven Pantheon (Racial)

Common Believers dwarves

Granted Spell-Like Ability crafter’s fortune

Eldest (Cultural and Racial)

Common Believers druids, gnomes, fey

Granted Spell-Like Ability silent image

Elven Pantheon (Racial)

Common Believers elves, half-elves

Granted Spell-Like Ability identify

Empyreal Lords (Aligned and Cultural)

Common Believers aasimars, angels

Granted Spell-Like Ability protection from evil