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Ostentatious Display

Your extravagant jewelry and accessories give you an air of importance you can use to your advantage in many social situations.

Benefit: As long as you are wearing a valuable non-magical item in a magic item slot, you gain a +1 bonus on skill checks with a corresponding skill. Bonuses from wearing items in multiple slots that affect the same skill do not stack.

Each item must be worth at least 5% of your character wealth by level. For example, a 6th-level PC gains a +1 bonus on Bluff checks while wearing a gem-studded tiara (which fills the headband slot) worth at least 800 gp. When she reaches 7th level, she must wear an accessory in the appropriate slot worth at least 1,175 gp in order to continue gaining this bonus.

Table: Accuracy Check DCs
Item Slot Skill Bonus
Belt, chest, shoulders +1 Intimidate
Body, feet, neck +1 Diplomacy
Eyes, hands, headband +1 Bluff
Head, ring, wrists +1 Perform (any)