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Mirror Kin (Teamwork)

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Combining your cunning with illusion magic makes you and your allies nearly indistinguishable.

Prerequisite(s): Bluff 8 ranks, gnome, gnome magic racial trait.

Benefit(s): Whenever you're adjacent to any gnome allies who also have this feat, your appearance and mannerisms change into an amalgam of the features of you and your allies, making you and your allies look exactly alike.

Your shapes occasionally appear to blend into each other, making it impossible to distinguish you and granting you and any affected allies a 20% miss chance due to concealment. This is an illusion (figment) effect.

Spells and effects that don't require an attack roll, such as area spells, affect you normally. An attacker must be able to see and reach both you and your ally to be fooled.

If you're invisible or the attacker is blind, the feat has no effect. Because this feat relies on the fact that both you and your ally are blending together to create the visual illusion, it doesn't function with effects like the inquisitor's solo tactics class feature; both you and the ally must possess the feat. If you have more than one adjacent ally with this feat, this feat applies to all allies who qualify.