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Lucid Dreamer

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The Dimension of Dreams is open to those willing to risk crossing the threshold.

Prerequisite(s): Cha 13, Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks.

Benefit(s): You have greater control of the highly morphic qualities and wild magic of the Dimension of Dreams.

You gain a +4 bonus on Charisma checks to determine your initial condition when your lucid body enters a dream and when attempting impossible feats in a dreamscape, and a +2 bonus on caster level checks to prevent a spell or spell-like ability from going awry because of wild magic. If someone casts a dream council spell that includes you as a target while you are dreaming, You can enter a shared dreamscape as described in that spell without spending a casting of dream or dream council.

If your lucid body dies while in a dreamscape, you wake up fatigued.