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Improved Familiar

This feat allows you to acquire a powerful familiar, but only when you could normally acquire a new familiar.

Prerequisites: Ability to acquire a new familiar, compatible alignment, sufficiently high level (see below).

Benefit: When choosing a familiar, the creatures listed here are also available to you. You may choose a familiar with an alignment up to one step away on each alignment axis (lawful through chaotic, good through evil).

Improved familiars otherwise use the rules for regular familiars, with two exceptions: if the creature's type is something other than animal, its type does not change; and improved familiars do not gain the ability to speak with other creatures of their kind (although many of them already have the ability to communicate).

Familiar Alignment Arcane Spellcaster Level
Aeon, paracletus Neutral 7th
Agathion, silvanshee Neutral good 7th
Almiraj Any 5th
Angel, cassisian Lawful good 7th
Archon, harbinger Lawful good 7th
Asura, tripurasura Lawful evil 7th
Azata, lyrakien Chaotic good 7th
Beheaded Neutral evil 3rd
Brain mole Neutral 5th
Brownie Neutral 5th
Carbuncle Neutral 5th
Cat sith Chaotic neutral 7th
Caypup Chaotic good 7th
Ceru Any 7th
Chuspiki Chaotic 7th
Clockwork familiar Any 7th
Coral capuchin Within one step of
Daemon, cacodaemon Neutral evil 7th
Quasit Chaotic evil 7th
Devil, imp Lawful evil 7th
Devil, imp consular Lawful evil 8th
Dire rat Neutral 3rd
Div, doru Neutral evil 7th
Dragon, faerie Within one step of
Chaotic good
Dragon, tidepool Within one step of
Chaotic neutral
Drake, shadow Evil 7th
Dweomercat Cub Chaotic Neutral 7th
Elemental, Small (any type) Neutral 5th
Familiar, celestial1 Neutral good 3rd
Familiar, clockwork Any 7th
Familiar, entropic1 Chaotic neutral 3rd
Familiar, fiendish1 Neutral evil 3rd
Familiar, resolute Lawful neutral 3rd
Familiar Alignment Arcane Spellcaster Level
Gremlin, nuglub Chaotic evil 7th
Hellfire ignis
Any 7th
Homunculus2 Any 7th
Impundulu Neutral evil 7th
Inevitible, arbiter Lawful neutral 7th
Isitoq Evil 5th
Kami, shikigami Lawful neutral 7th
Kyton, augur Lawful evil 7th
Mephit (any type) Neutral 7th
Mockingfey Chaotic neutral 5th
Nycar Chaotic neutral 7th
Oni, spirit Lawful evil 7th
Pipefox Neutral 7th
Pooka Neutral 7th
Protean, voidworm Chaotic neutral 7th
Pseudodragon Neutral good 7th
Pseudosphinx Neutral 7th
Psychopomp, nosoi Neutral 7th
Chaotic neutral 3rd
Qlippoth, cythnigot Chaotic evil 7th
Rakshasa, raktavarna Lawful evil 7th
Ratling Chaotic evil 7th
Sahkil, esipil Neutral evil 7th
Sin seeker Any 5th
Skvader Neutral 3rd
Sprite Chaotic neutral 5th
Sprite, liminal Chaotic 7th
Stirge Neutral 5th
Wolpertinger Neutral 5th
Wysp Any 7th
Xiao Any 7th
Zoog Chaotic neutral 5th

1 Or other celestial, entropic, fiendish, or resolute animal from the standard familiar list.
2 The master must first create the homunculus.