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Helpless Prisoner

You can talk your way out of most restraints.

Prerequisites: Bluff 5 ranks, Escape Artist 1 rank, gnome.

Benefit: When you are restrained or imprisoned, you can make a Bluff check against any one creature within 30 feet in which you emphasize both your own harmlessness and the pain or inconvenience of your current condition. If the creature knows you are dangerous, it adds a +4 bonus to its Sense Motive check. If you win the check, the target does something intended to make you a little more comfortable—or at least shut you up—that gives you a +5 bonus on your next Escape Artist check.

Special: At the GM’s discretion, an especially evil or cruel creature may gain a +2 bonus to its Sense Motive check to resist this ability. If it succeeds, it does something to make your bindings even more secure and less comfortable, giving you a –5 penalty on all Escape Artist checks made in those particular bonds.