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Gaze Reflection

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The power of your psychic stare wards you from the potent gazes of your enemies.

Prerequisite(s): Spellcraft 10 ranks, bold stare and mesmerist tricks class features.

Benefit(s): When you avert your eyes from a creature with a gaze attack (including one produced by a spell like eyebite or burning gaze or by a magic item), you can roll twice and select the better result when checking to see whether you are exposed to that gaze attack and when rolling your miss chance on attacks made against that creature (the latter doesn't stack with Blind-Fight). In addition, as a swift action, you can expend one mesmerist trick to make yourself immune to that creature's gaze until the beginning of your next turn. If you expend two mesmerist tricks instead, you gain immunity to that creature's gaze and also reflect its gaze back at it, affecting it with its own gaze.

Special: A mesmerist's hypnotic stare, a witch's or hag's evil eye, and a vampire's dominate ability are treated as gaze attacks for the purpose of this feat, as are abilities that are triggered when looking at a creature, such as a nymph's blinding beauty or a sea hag's horrific appearance.

Spending two mesmerist tricks on this feat does not bypass any immunity the creature might have to its own gaze, such as a vampire's immunity to mind-affecting effects or the fact that the nymph's blinding beauty works only on humanoids.